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Funeral Directing

This page lists my articles on funeral directing.

The Changing Role of the Funeral Director’ (1997) IBCA Journal 1997 Vol 65 No 4 pp34-39

‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The Lifecycle of the UK Funeral Industry’ (1999) Mortality Vol 4 No 2 pp127-145

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‘Conflict in the context of care; an examination of role conflict between the bereaved and the funeral director in the UK’ (2003) Mortality Vol 8 No 1 pp 67-87

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 ‘Funerals and Funeral Directing in the UK’ (2006) Thanos Vol 49 No 3 pp10-15

 ‘Continuous Professional Development: Looking Outside the Box’ (2007) BIFD Journal Vol 22 No1 pp16-18

‘Unknown Undertaking: the History of Dotteridge Bros, Wholesale Suppliers to the Funeral Industry’ (2009) The Journal [of the BIFD] June

‘Left on the Shelf. Funeral Directors and Cremated Remains’ Funeral Director Monthly (2015) July Vol 98 No 7 pp26-29

‘Funerals During the Great War Part II’ Funeral Director Monthly (2016) Vol 99 Issue 2 pp50-53

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‘Portrait of Mortality: Croydon 1937. Death and Disposal in a London Suburb’ (2018) ICCM Journal Vol 86 No 2 pp58-66

‘‘Place on Rail’ - The Transport of the Dead by Train in the UK’ (2019) Backtrack Vol 33 No 5 pp292-296

‘Are You a Bearer or a Pallbearer?’ Funeral Director Monthly Vol 105 No 11 p30