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Funeral Service History

This page lists my articles on funeral service history.

‘Farewell to the appendages of sorrow: The development and demise of the funereal plume’ (2004) BIFD Journal Vol 18 No 3 pp13-15

‘TH Sanders Funeral Directors: A History’ (2005) BIFD Journal Vol 19 No 1 pp29-31

‘The Final Journey: Funeral Directors and Distance Transportation of the Dead’ (2006) The Embalmer Vol 50 No 1 pp13-19

‘The Funeral of Dr Barnardo’ (2007) BIFD Journal Vol 21 No 2 pp32-35

‘A Hearse, a Tram and the Law’ (with James Flynn QC) (2007) ICCM Journal Vol 75 No 4 pp42-46

‘The Unknown Story of the Unknown Warrior’ (2007) The Funeral Director Vol 90 No11 pp14-17 & Vol 90 No 12 pp70-73

‘Transport to Paradise – Part 1: The Horse Drawn Hearse’ (2008) Funeral Service Journal September Vol 123 No 9 pp97-119

‘Transport to Paradise – Part 3: Unusual and Novel’ Funeral Transport (2008) Funeral Service Journal Vol 123 No 11 pp80-99

‘New or Rediscovered?’ (2010) ICCM Journal Vol 78 no 3 pp47-53

‘The Management of Civilian Funerals in the Second World War’ (2011) BIFD Journal No 3 pp48-54

‘Funeral Service in London: A Short History’ contribution to London Association of Funeral Directors’ Banquet & Ball brochure (2012)

‘Rare First Funeral Book Makes Fascinating Reading’ (2013) The Funeral Director Vol 96 No 7 pp66-68

‘Mr Punch and the Undertakers’ (2013) ICCM Journal Vol 81 No 2 pp66-68. Also in The Funeral Director (2013) Vol 96 No 2 pp48-51

‘Incense in Kingsway: The Funeral of Father Arthur Stanton’ (2013) The Funeral Director Vol 96 no 3 pp57-59

‘Dickens and the Undertakers’ (2012) The Funeral Director Vol 95 no 9 pp18-19

‘The Funeral Business During WW1’ (2014) The Funeral Director Vol 97 no 8 pp28-?

‘Coffin Making in the 1930s: A Unique Insight’ (2015) Archive Issue 87 pp57-63

‘Obituary: Barry Albin-Dyer OBE, 1951-2015’ (2015) ICCM Journal Vol 83 No 3 p10

‘‘Place on Rail’ Transportation of the Dead by Train in the UK’ The article is only available online from The Railway and Canal Historical Society. www.rchs.org. The first two pages can be seen at: https://rchs.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/FINAL-Parsons-Coffins-by-Train_1-2.pdf

‘Place on Rail. A look back at how the railways once played a part in funerals’ (2020) Funeral Director Monthly Vol 103 No 4 pp24-28

‘North Surrey an the 1918 Spanish Flu’ (2019) Surrey History Vol 18 pp11-20

‘The Proposed Rail Service to the City of London Cemetery. A Little known ‘might have been’’ (2020) Great Eastern Journal Issue 182 Vol 19 No2 182 pp16-23


‘More on the Great Northern London Cemetery Co’s Stations’ London Railway Record October 2020  No 105 p476


‘The Centenary of the Burial of the Unknown Warrior’ Funeral Director Monthly November (2020) Vol 103 No 11 pp24-30


‘Coping with the Spanish Flu Pandemic in London: November 1918’ Pharos International (2020) Vol 86 No 4 pp30-35

‘History of Frederick W Paine, Funeral Directors’ A Berrylands Companion September 2022 No 171