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This page lists my articles on embalming.

‘The Pioneers of Preservation: The Development of Embalming in the UK’ (1995) The Embalmer Vol 38 No 1 pp16-24

‘Supply or demand? Perspectives on the increase in the practice of embalming during the 20th century (1997) The Embalmer Vol 40 No 4 pp6-11

‘George Lear: a fiftieth anniversary tribute’ (2004) The Embalmer Vol 47 No1 pp 11-15

‘Halford Mills: Funeral Reformer and Pioneer of Embalming’ (2005) The Embalmer Vol 48 No3 pp15-18

‘Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson: A Forgotten Pioneer of Embalming’ (2005) The Embalmer Vol 48 No 4 pp16-20

‘Salisbury 1906: A Landmark for English Embalmers’ (2006) The Embalmer Vol 49 No 3 pp18-23

‘Salisbury 1906: A Follow-up’ (2006) The Embalmer Vol 50 No 1 p22

‘Preservation and Professionalisation: Tracing the Development of the British Institute of Embalmers’ (2007) The Embalmer Vol 50 No 3 pp16-20

‘From Front Parlour to Funeral Parlour: The Development of the Chapel of Rest and the Funeral Home’ (2008) The Embalmer Vol 51 No3 pp21-29

‘Embalming in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: A Few Notable Examples’ (2009) The Embalmer Vol 52 No1 pp11-18

‘The R38 at Hull and the Work of the Embalmers’ (2011) The Embalmer Vol 54 No 3 pp25-27

‘George Lear Revisited’ (2012) The Embalmer Vol 55 No 4 pp19-25

‘A Champion of Embalming: Felix A Sullivan’ (2012) The Embalmer Vol 55 No 3 pp12-16

‘Frederick Wilkinson and his ‘Ethical Standard. Tracing the Origins of the Institute’s Code of Ethics’ (2013) The Embalmer Vol 56 No 3 pp29-33

‘A Unique Insight into an Early Embalming School’ (2014) The Embalmer Vol 56 No 4 pp27-29

Dr Blyth on the Hygiene of the Death Chamber’ (2014) The Embalmer Vol 57 No 2 pp41-47 [the hyperlink provided is to a pdf copy of this article]

‘The Western Undertaker and Embalming’ (2015) The Embalmer Vol 58 No 2 pp22-24

‘Funeral Directors and Distance transportation of the Dead’ (2015) The Embalmer Vol 59 No 4 pp31-39

‘Caring for the Deceased: Some Observations from Funeral Directors’ Records (2018) The Embalmer Vol 61 No 1 pp29-35