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Funeral Service Training (London) Training and Consultancy

Training Presentations

Seminar-type presentations can be delivered on the following areas:

All training presentations can be class-based for multiple delegates or delivered on a 1-2-1 basis. Time and locations can be arranged according to circumstances. Evening sessions can be organised in addition to early morning or day-time. Case studies and discussion questions are used throughout the sessions. All delegates are provided with a course handbook containing notes, images, sources of further information and example documentation. Delegates can be provided with an attend-ance/participation certificate for continuing professional development purposes).

Other seminars can be designed according to specific needs. Two recently delivered training sessions are as follows:

Enhancing Client Service

Aim: To develop skills and knowledge that will enhance the level of service given to all clients.

Objectives: By the end of the course you will be able to:

Conducting the funeral: a practical workshop

Aim: To provide skills and knowledge to confidently conduct funerals.

Objectives: To emphasise the need for clear communication with clients and all colleagues when conducting a funeral.

Funeral Service Training (London) Training and ConsultancyBrian Parsons offers the following training and consultancy services under the banner of Funeral Service Training (London) (FSTL).

FSTL offers a bespoke training service to funeral directors.

Previous and current clients include nationwide firms, a co-operative society and independent funeral directors.

Training can be provided for those working in the following categories:

* Funeral arrangers

* Funeral directors

Training can be 1-2-1, small groups or for a larger number of delegates.

Please contact me to discuss individual requirements. The following links also provide additional information.

Training Presentations

Other Training

Training Records


Other Training

1-2-1 simulated funeral arrangements

A simulated funeral arrangement is undertaken with a candidate. The arrangement is not designed to ‘trip’ the candidate, but to ascertain levels of knowledge and competence. Feedback is given to the candidate and employer.

Mentoring new funeral conductors

Shadow or co-conduct with new funeral conductors.

Training Records

Funeral Service Training (London) is able to provide record books detailing training given to new employees for the following job titles:


Funeral Service Training (London) is also able to offer the following services:

Please contact Brian Parsons for further details at info@brianparsons.org.uk